Kincardine PRIDE 

Board Of Directors

2022 - 2023



Fort Papalia

Bio: Retired from teaching and now president of Kincardine Pride Inc. Active in Kincardine Community Singers, Kincardine Theatre Guild, running, gardening and promoting health and fitness in myself, family and friends.

Vice President

Sandra Blackwood

Bio:  I moved to Kincardine in 1981 with my husband Peter & 2 children.    The community was very friendly & welcoming. I soon  joined the amateur  theatre group BMAS (Bruce Musical Arts Society) we travelled between Port Elgin & Kincardine

There were a lot of Kincardine people within the group & when BMAS folded some of us decided to start Kincardine’s own amateur theatre group,  that was when  The Kincardine Theatre Guild was born, of which I am a founding member.   

There was an incident in our town  a number of years ago when 2 out of town individuals  began preaching homophobic ideals. I was offended by this!!   An opportunity presented itself to begin Kincardine Pride Inc. this offered the chance to promote our Kincardine as an Inclusive community. It was heart warming to see the number of both in town & out of town people participate  & support our first parade & all of them since..

I believe ALL people have the right to live, love as they chose.


Donna Baxter



Gord Dunbar

Bio:   Gord Dunbar is the minister at Kincardine United Church and has been working for Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ rights for over 40 years. His pronouns are he/him and he is a cis, straight male who continues to be privileged to learn everyday about sexual orientation and gender identity. His major fault is his devastating love of terrible puns. His three children, their partners and two grandsons keep him grounded and delighted. Gord is short, round, white-haired and lives in Kincardine.

Director (Events)

Dave Trumble



Erica Everingham



Karen Ledingham



Phil Thompkins

Bio: I am 59 years old, happily married and have two children whom I am very proud of.  Retired from TD Bank (30 years approx) and Home Inspection (5 years).  Actively involved in the community of Kincardine and particpating on numerous Board of Directors including:  Low Income Housing (Russell Meadows), Kincardine Lions, Kincardine Curling Club and PRIDE.  I am also a member of the Kincardine Community Singers choir.   Hobbies include golf, curling, play guitar, write songs, gardening and camping. 

My brother was gay and came out in the early 80's during the HIV / AIDS epidemic.   Morale concensus and acceptance of the LGBTQ community was slim at best.  A time when gay men lived in fear.   He passed at the age of 30.   

I am an allie of everyone in the LGBTQ+ community and am committed to the following:


Lanny Irving



Mackenzie Clarke